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Introducing the New Powrtouch Evolution

The new Powrtouch Evolution is the next generation of caravan mover. The Evolution delivers the latest developments in innovation but still represents excellent value for money and is backed by our five year no quibble part and labour guarantee. Designed and manufactured in the UK it is available in auto or manual versions. The Powrtouch Evolution Auto features fully automatic roller engagement at the touch of a button. Both Manual and Auto models feature an ultra efficient power train and grip, and a brand new state of the art four-pole electric motor delivering unequalled power from a compact design.

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Available with manual and automatic engagement for all single and twin axle caravans.

  • The No.1 Mover just got better with Superior Power, Efficiency and Performance. All from your trusted market leader with the same unrivalled guarantee and service.
  • With over 20 years experience in the caravan industry, you can be assured of buying our Powrtouch Evolution with confidence
  • Automatic or manual roller engagement.
  • Centrally aligned roller engagement, ensuring a no hassle operation.
  • The unique engineering design ensures the motor and gearbox are centrally aligned to the caravan tyres, thereby ensuring the rollers are engaged with maximum effectiveness providing ultra efficient power and traction.
  • This clever design and use of modern lightweight materials ensures not only a significantly lighter, but more durable and robust mover.
  • UK designed, manufactured and quality controlled to the highest accreditation ISO 9001:2008 and TUV approvals, ensuring continued excellence from product design to end user satisfaction, whilst maintaining the trust and respect the company has established for over 20 years.
  • Customer confidence in our products ensures that word of mouth remains our strongest form of advertising.
  • 100+ technicians to call upon anywhere in the UK should you encounter any issue with performance of your mover. At home or on holiday, Powrtouch remain the brand you can truly rely on.
  • Still the only mover company to offer our industry renowned and totally unique, free of charge, 5 year parts and labour guarantee……no quibble!!
  • Don’t just take our word for it, speak to over 90% of the UK’s most respected dealers, that choose to promote and recommend the Powrtouch brand.

Evolution Automatic Single Powr Touch evo s a £1045.00

Evolution Auto Twin Powr Touch evo t a £1,399.00

Evolution All wheel Drive Powr Touch evo a a £1,899.00

Evolution Single Manual Powr Touch evo s m £875.00

Evolution Twin Manual Powr Touch evo t m £1,249.00

Evolution All wheel Drive Manual(add £25 bracket) Powr Touch evo a m £1,695.00

Truma Motor Movers

Features of the Caravan Mover®

– Manual engagement single axle mover
– Soft start for jerk-free and precise manoeuvring
– Low-wear aluminium rollers
– Remote control for effortless precision
– Suitable for caravans and trailer vehicles up to 1800 Kg
– Lightweight and compact, weighs just 34 Kg
– No need for TÜV approval – no drilling or welding
– 5 year guarantee

Additional benefits of the Caravan Mover®

– Lightweight aluminium rollers for grip and low tyre wear
– Drive rollers engaged by hand, easily and effortlessly
– Cross actuation kit included; both drive assemblies are engaged from one side
– Durasoft drive for smooth starting and stopping
– Simple safe handling with the remote control hand-set
– Increased ground clearance
– Caravan can be rotated around its own axis (360 degrees)

Caravan Mover® manoeuvring system for caravans Only £799 Fitted Call 01606 973005 or

AL-KO Mammut Motor Movers

AL-KO AMS Mammut has the power to move your caravan effortlessly. Inclines, kerbs and rough terrain can be overcome to position your van into exactly the right spot – without assistance.

At the heart of your remote control handset there is a joystick, this allows precise, variable speed control and seamless direction control.

The powerful drive system can overcome obstacles and kerbs upto 4cm high. The drive rollers have fuilly electronic control of engagement and disengagement. The sophisticated electronics ensure that the maximum allowable pressure is always applied to the tyres to give the best grip in all conditions.

  • Safety

    AL-KO AMS Mammut can only be operated once the remote control handset is paired with the magnetic switch fixed to the A-Frame of the caravan.
    The Mammut will automatically switch off after 100 seconds of inactivity.
    Should the joystick be released on an incline, the roller will act as a braking mechanism, preventing the caravan from rolling away

  • Soft Start and Soft Stop

    AMS Mammut provides a controlled, smooth start and stop when manoeuvring the caravan, with no “jerky” movements.

  • Sealed Drive Unit

    The durable outer cover of AMS Mammut completely seals the unit from water ingress, and guarantees functionality even in wet conditions.

    With a fully charged 80 Ah battery, AMS Mammut can be operated for up to 2 hours on level ground. At maximum loading on inclines the operating time is approximately 30 minutes.

    Fitting to a recent AL-KO Chassis

    The integrated chassis version of AL-KO Mammut has been designed to fit within the longitudinal chassis member on recent AL-KO chassis with an embossed ‘M’. In this case there is NO reduction in ground clearance. The overall system weight (without battery) for this version only 29 kilograms. The mover is fitted in front of the axle protecting the drive unit from stone chip damage.

    Fitting to an older AL-KO or other manufacturer’s chassis

    For older AL-KO Chassis (prior to 2010 model year) and non AL-KO chassis, a version with the cross-bar clamped under the chassis members is available. This can be fitted either in front or behind the axle. Clearance between chassis member and road is reduced by approximately 50mm.

  • Radio Control Handset display

    LED indicators on the Mammut remote handset:

    • System is ready
    • Maximum climb ability reached
    • Maximum Drive temperature reached
    • Remote control battery power level indicator
    • Drive unit battery power level indicator

    Remote features:

    • Simple one-handed operation via the joystick
    • Continuous and very sensitive speed control
    • stepless driving up to 360°
    • Engage/disengage motors with caravan wheels
  • AL-KO Mammut features

    • Activation via magnetic switch on the handset (remote control)
    • Automatic switch off after 100 seconds of inactivity
    • Immediate stop on inclines when joystick released
    • Full 360 degree on the spot rotation
    • Maximum operating speed 0.5km/h (14 cm/s)
    • LED operating indicators on remote control handset
    • Infinitely variable speed control via the remote control joystick
    • Continuously variable directional movement via the remote control joystick
    • Manual drive roller engagement using 13mm hex wrench
    • Drive completely sealed: splash-proof (water and dust sealed to IP65 rating).
    • Power consumption: peak current 120 A
    • Dormant power consumption: 5 mA

AL-KO AMS Mammut for AL-KO “M” Chassis
Only £1500 Fitted Call 01606 973005 or

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