• Caravan Hydraulic Levelling System

    In a horizontal position at the push of a button: the E&P Levelsystem automatically straightens up your caravan in just two minutes. The unique feature of the E&P Levelsystem: six supports are connected with the vehicle frame using a mounting plate. This achieves unparalleled stability.

    – Effortlessly straight at the push of a button
    – Fully automatic level adjustment
    – Sturdy and vibration-free position
    – Good price-performance ratio
    – Additional theft protection

  • Some Technical Bits

    – For caravans/special trailers with max. total weight of 3.5t
    – 20 kg excess weight for the whole system / after dismantling the existing trailing supports
    – Large, mobile pivoting support plate for axle supports
    – Large, mobile pivoting support plate for corner supports (Alko Big Foot)
    – 240 Watt hydraulic aggregate
    – 12 Volt operating voltage

    ONLY £2850 – Call 01606 973005

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    With just one push and two minutes later your Caravan is ready and steady for you to enjoy your holiday.

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  • Motorhome Hydraulic Levelling System

    You know the story: you are at a camp site or you are making a short stop at a beautiful spot along the road, but your Motorhome or camper van is rather uneven. So uneven that the available levellers are not enough to put your Motorhome or camper van in a more or less even position. So you try a few more planks, another jack, etc. After you have done this, you can at long last enjoy your rest, but then you want to move on again and at the next stop it will probably be the same story all over again. A time-consuming activity that gives a lot of trouble.
  • Download E&P Motorhome Brochure

    To save you all this trouble, E&P Hydraulics have developed the E&P levelling system. By only pushing one button, your Motorhome or camper van is set in a level position fully automatically, and your ready in only 2 minutes. All wheels stay on the ground at all times. And what about the fact that the Motorhome or camper van is now also perfectly stable. No movement whatsoever can be felt in the vehicle when someone walks through it or steps in. This is also very comfortable in the morning when an early riser walks about inside or gets out of the vehicle which would otherwise be rocked by these movements.

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