Barbecue Point Fitted

Caravan Barbecue point Motor home barbecue point fitted from only £125.00

Have a barbecue point fitted at A & E Leisure.

Add a quick connect barbecue point ( BBQ POINT ) to your caravan or motor home from A & E Leisure.  Fitted the same day at our NCC approved workshop just outside Northwich in Cheshire CW9 6AA.

The addition of an external BBQ point gives you the freedom to cook anywhere, anytime with the simple “push – click” of the quick connection which is supplied with every kit.  It also means you don’t need to carry extra solid fuels and you can utilize the on board gas supply from your caravan or motor home.

We can also supply a top quality CADAC BBQ from our leisure accessory shop and provide any extra gas hose or fittings you may need to get up and running/cooking!

For only £125 inc vat and fitting we can add a BBQ point so any gas BBQ can be used.

The picture below is a “TRUMA BBQ POINT” we also supply and fit “BULLFINCH” BBQ points.
truma bbq point

Once you have a BBQ point fitted you have the option to cook outdoors all year round, especially if you venture into Europe or further afield.  You don’t need to use a different type of gas, if your using butane you still can or if you are using propane or camping gas that’s fine, all you will need is a length of gas hose (typically black for butane ((low pressure)) or orange for propane ((high pressure)) a couple of jubilee clips to secure the connections and your ready to go!

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